Best Elastomeric Paint For Stucco

Best Elastomeric Paint For Stucco
Best Elastomeric Paint For Stucco

Hello there! Justin here from 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting. We are a small potatoes residential house repainting company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Every year we paint and repaint about a hundred houses or so. Interior and exterior. For the most part we always use elastomeric paint for stucco on all types of exterior house surfaces we paint or repaint where possible. We have plenty of experience brushing, rolling, and spraying elastomeric paint on all types of surfaces. This post covers what we as painters and house painters think is the best elastomeric paint for stucco and the best exterior paint for your house.

To start with, all types of elastomeric paint we’ve tried and use and continue to use is really good paint. Elastomeric paint is really, really, really thick paint, and elastomeric is really cheap costing paint. So for a lesser price than a higher costing exterior paint product, you can get a thicker paint on your home for less money, that costs you less money up front, lasts a lot longer than most other types of exterior paint products, and provides a premium looking bold finish when brushed, rolled, or sprayed into place.

We’re located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. So these notes on the best elastomeric paint for stucco might only apply to our provinces in our country. For the most part elastomeric paint should more or less be the same wherever in the world you might be. The two types of elastomeric paint that we use often and consider to be one of the better or best elastomeric paints for stucco is Cloverdale Towerthon Elastomeric Paint, and Sherwin Williams SherLastic Elastomeric Paint, both found locally in our city, throughout the province, and available at any Cloverdale or Sherwin Williams paint stores across Canada. If you got a Cloverdale Paint or Sherwin Williams Paint store near you, you can pick up the Best Elastomeric Paint For Stucco at any Cloverdale or Sherwin Williams paint stores in your part of the world.

Our painters have brushed, rolled, sprayed, and backrolled plenty of stucco siding, wood siding, and brick siding house and home interiors with both Sherwin Williams Sherlastic and Cloverdale Towerthon Elastomeric Paint. They are more or less very similar product but there are pros and cons to both Sherlastic and Towerthon Elastomeric paints you’ll likely discover yourself if you use both of theses Elastomeric Paint for Stucco products often like we do. In no particular order here’s our observations.

Both Cloverdale Towerthon Elastomeric Paint and Sherwin Williams SherLastic Elastomeric Paint hold up very well. We have plenty of one coater spray exterior stucco finishes in Calgary that were spray painted with only a single coat of elastomeric paint and are still today holding up both ten years later and twelve years later. We’ve yet to see any other exterior house painting products holding up so long on only a single coat of paint. No matter what elastomeric paint you use, if the elastomeric paint is properly installed it will last much longer and hold up a whole lot longer than you really expect. Both towerthon elastomeric and sherlastic elastomeric paint products are really good products longevity wise. A two coat typical elastomeric paint finish should give you at least a full decade before you need to consider painting again.

Sherwin Williams Sherlastic Elastomeric Paint covers better in whites or untinted colors right out of the can better than Cloverdale Towerthon Elastomeric paint. If you’re planning on doing any painting by hand such as brushing or rolling elastomeric paint, and you’re using white paint right out of the can with no tint or colorant added sherwin williams sherlastic covers better than cloverdale towerthon paint products. A single coat of brushed or rolled sherlastic covers better and looks better after a single coat of paint that cloverdale towerthon elastomeric paint products. You’re still going to need two coats of paint or more on whites, but by far SherLastic white paint is a better covering white paint product than Cloverdale Towerthon.

Cloverdale towerthon elastomeric paint is easier paint to paint with. Both towerthon and sherlastic paints are really thick. Likely some of the thickest types of paint you’ve ever seen or used for residential house painting or residential house repainting. We’ve yet to see anything thicker than elastomeric paint. Between these two elastomeric paints sherlastic is the thicker paint and a bit harder to work with. As an end result, right out of the can or pale cloverdale towerthon elastomeric paint products are easier to work with because they are thinner. Our spray paint machines work less pushing and spraying towerthon than they do sherlastic.

For professional painters and homeowners and it yourselfers out there, either of these products is the way to go! If you’re really on a tight painting budget you might be interested in knowing that both of these products can really be thinned down by about 33% or 1/3rd or so with water. Thinner paint is easier to work with, and you can essentially save money on house painting using elastomeric paint by simply adding water and thinning it down to be similar to typical exterior paint. Not only is elastomeric paint cheaper costing paint than most other types of exterior house paint products, it works really well, and can be thinned down to maximize your savings.

One strategy we use on first time stucco painting finishes that have not yet been painted is to spray prime in really thinned down stucco paint onto the stucco. Thinner paint will better penetrate the porous holes of the stucco and stain it to the new color. We then follow that up with two extra thick coats of elastomeric paint over top of the now stained stucco finish. Even if the two top coats of elastomeric paint were to break away from the surface of the house, the stained portion of the same color would be present which you’d never notice unless you really went looking for it. Not that you have to worry about elastomeric paint ever breaking apart like other types of exterior paint, elastomeric paint dries like a rubber. Think about a rubber balloon finish everywhere you paint with elastomeric paint using the brush, roller, or a spray machine.

We’ve never had an elastomeric paint finish failure. We can report in 12 years later that one coat elastomeric spray finish coats are holding up very very well in both shaded areas and in direct sunlight areas, including areas that are hit with sunlight pretty much from sun up until sundown. What more can you really ask for in a paint that is likely the cheapest costing exterior paint products you can buy at just about any real traditional brand name paint store. It’s the best of the best. We’ve painted plenty more exterior paint products on similar and identical surfaces that failed and cost more per can than elastomeric paint. Even in areas of the house exterior any painter would expect to hold up very well for a very long time. Elastomeric. It’s the way to go for all types of exterior residential house painting.


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