Best Priced Calgary Painting Companies

Best Priced Calgary Painting Companies.

Best Priced Calgary Painting Companies
Best Priced Calgary Painting Companies

1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting is one of the Best Priced Calgary Painting Companies to hire for residential house painting services. If saving money, time, and effort on Calgary House Painting and getting a better looking and better lasting house painting finish from a better Calgary House Painter consider 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting for all your interior house painting and exterior house painting needs. For more than ten full years the Calgary painters house painting with 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting have been helping home owners just like you save hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of dollars off of the cost of house painting and can likely help do the same for you too.

Along with helping you save hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars off of the cost of professional Calgary Painting Services we also provide over three dozen free repairs and free painting services we do to help your house painting finish look even better and last much longer than you would expect for free.

It all starts with a free in person or over the phone price quote or free estimate. Some times simply sending us high quality pictures of the area to paint can also allow us to quote you via email. We can usually instantly provide you a house painting estimate or price quote in writing containing labor and material price break downs good and valid any time.

If you don’t already have your colors picked we do offer a free in person paint color consultation full of thousands of paint colors and paint scheme ideas and color books to help you pick your interior and exterior paint colors with ease. For the more advanced color combinations we can provide free referrals to professional certified color consultants that can attend your home for a paid color consultation.

Once you have picked your new house colors and new paint sheens and the scope of house painting work you want done we will write it all down on a formal house painting contract containing all labor, material, and time estimates prices and the finer details any good house painting business and good house painters should be using.

With your new colors, sheens, paint products to use and scope of work to be completed written down in a legitimate house painting contract it’s time for these best price Calgary painters to get to work. Our Best Priced Calgary Painting Companies painters take care of everything.

We provide free paint pick up and paint delivery service from local Calgary paint stores to your door. Instead of you having to head down to your local Calgary paint store these Calgary painters will pick up the paint from the paint store for free. 

Each of our customers that use our preferred tried tested and true interior paint products and exterior paint products qualify for our 50% off retail cost of professional house paint products by simply hiring these Calgary painters.

Our preferred line of interior house paints and exterior house paints leave amazing finishes, last two to three times longer than rated on the paint can, are easy to work with, cover more area easier and with less material that all work together to minimize your price on professional house paint products.

Even if some other Calgary Painter can buy the same Calgary Paint at a local Calgary paint store we can help you get even better professional house paint prices than all but the biggest and most competitive Calgary Painting Companies.

After a trip to the paint store to pick up cheap Calgary paint and sundries from a local Calgary paint store or two it’s time to prep your household interior or exterior for house painting.

Being one of the best priced Calgary Painting Companies that we are we provide free house painting preparation and furniture moving on all interior and or exterior house painting jobs that we do. No matter what sized interior or exterior you have to paint or the furniture or shape in or around the paint job we’ll ready your house for house painting fast, easy, and free.

With your house readied and prepared for a new paint job of any size it’s time for the actual house painting. With lots of practice it doesn’t take too much for a higher quality Calgary painter or two to paint or repaint a new coat of paint on your house the very first day of house painting. Even with a late start require to hit the a local Calgary paint store or two to collect and purchase the Calgary paint we’ll use.

After we get a full coat of paint on your house or home interior it’s time to check over the house for repairs. We automatically provide all amounts of small and medium sized common house painting repairs free of charge. After we’ve patched and repaired what we could find we typically give a customer a full day to check the house over for additional repairs before we finish coat.

Happy with your colors and the free house painting repairs we’ve provided at no extra charge to you it’s time for the finish coat. We thoroughly sand and scrape all walls and all surfaces of all bits of debris and use new, clean, fresh cans of paint, tray liners, paint brushes etc to ensure a garbage bit free like showroom new finish on every wall and surface.

After finish coat is applied we like to give a customer a day or two to look over the entire paint job from the top down before we collect payment and consider the house painting and our house painting contract complete. We provide free clean up and free extra paint removal free of charge to make your new amazing looking house painting finish you saved thousands on look even better.

We even go that extra mile and return your furniture and house fixtures we moved or removed back to the original location and give everything a thorough wipe down and cleaning so you get a new clean house to go with your best priced house painting finish from the best priced Calgary Painting Companies.