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As professional Calgary painters and decorators you can imagine that we use a lot of Calgary Paint that we buy from local Calgary paint stores and used to complete the painting of our Calgary house painting customer’s homes. In this Calgary paint post we cover some of the types of paints that our┬áCalgary painters prefer to use to start finishing complete various Calgary painting projects that we take on and finish paint. First thing that you should know is that not all paint is created equally and price does not exactly dictate whether or not you were buying good paint or bad paint. You can pay a lot of money for what appears to be really good paint when you get down to the painting it turns out that the more expensive paint is actually harder to use and doesn’t leave a very high-quality finish.

Likewise you should know that buying cheap paint doesn’t exactly mean that you’re not getting a good deal on paint. There are plenty of paint products that cost less get more mileage are faster and easier to use and then the end cost you less money up front and in the long run between paint jobs.

For the most part we try to offer our customers a low end, a medium grade, and high-end paint option to satisfy most types of painting budgets. Just because you paid more or less for paint doesn’t mean that it’s easier to use or better for your house and home. Most of the time it’s actually a painter and how they paint that really dictates how much you’re going to pay for paint and how that paint is going to work out and look in your house and home upon completion.

When we visit the various paint stores Calgary has in town selling paint products we’re typically looking for two things. The most important is the right paint color. second thing that we’re looking for is ease-of-use and the budget or the price or cost of the paint. Typically when you buy high-end paint products you don’t really get the coverage or you’re not able to completely paint all of the area that you need to paint.

And because that paint cost more and it doesn’t exactly cover the area Sowell requiring more paint in the end hire and paint products cost more upfront and in the long run because you will end up using more expensive high-end paint products to complete your painting. If you had a choice to completely paint your house from top to bottom for say $500 in paint or $3,000 in paint you can see that there can be a big difference in the cost that you pay for paint.

Most of the higher-end paint products out there on the paint stores chele and Calgary are really thick paint products. Yes they do cover the surface very well with extremely thick coats of paint however you really don’t get the type of mileage out of that kind of paint that you really expect. When we take on painting bedrooms as an example high-end can of paint might require two full cans of paint to paint a small or medium size bedroom.

On the other hand when you take a lower end paint or a medium grade paint that is a little bit thinner then say hire and paint product you get a lot more mileage out of can of paint. That same small or medium size bedroom that took you two cans of paint to complete is usually completed with only one can of paint and for literally about one-third of the price. If you extend that idea to the rest of your house all the sudden you need $1,000 and paint when it could have actually been 300 or less.

That’s a lot of extra money to pay for paint when you might not actually need to. Sure some paint colors are harder to paint. For example White. Painting with white paint over top of a color that is not white or off-white is likely the hardest type of painting to do. More often than not it requires more than two coats with a high-end paint product and in the case of using medium or low and paint products it could require three or four or more.

In cases like this where the customer is paying for the paint and the labor is simply easier to sit down and do the math. You can weigh the cost of paint versus the cost of Labor and try to find a happy medium. In the bigger picture of painting from a painters perspective, paint is cheap, and painting labor is expensive. In most instances it’s going to be cheaper have your painting contractor paint a third or forth coat of paint then it will be pay extra money for a higher end paint product. Most of the time but not always.

That brings us to the next issue about most paint products. You pay for color. To make sure you understand that, look at it this way. White paint is much cheaper costing in price then black paint. You could run down to any paint store in Calgary and buy a can of white paint for much less in price then you could buy a can of black paint. Anywhere between black and white colors and you can expect to pay more for colors that are not white. This also adds another issue to the mix is that white paint that costs you less is typically thicker paint compared to a dark or a black paint or accent based paint.

So for instance if you have a brand new interior with little to no drywall damage that requires repairs you could likely expect to get a brand new looking painting finish with any color. It could be two coats of thick white paint or it could be two coats of thin black paint. The rule of thumb is the darker the paint the thinner the paint depending on the brand of paint you’re using. Thick paint covers well but is not easy to work with without thinning it down, while thin paint is fast and easy to work with but typically doesn’t cover well.

If you take a home that is heavily damaged and requires a lot of drywall repairs you’re likely better off going with a thicker paint that is going to do a better job of covering over the repaired drywall damage. If the house or home is brand new with minimal or no drywall repairs dark color paints will look just as good. If you decided to paint or repaint a heavily damaged or well lived in home you will likely not be happy using a dark color based Calgary Paint in your home without extensive drywall repairs.

Going back to the whole Calgary Paint thing and what you should be considering when you’re walking into a Calgary Paint Store to purchase or buy or review your Calgary Paint options you’re better off spending your money on a cheaper priced paint, lighter in color so its thicker paint, while at the same time a little on the thin side so it’s cheaper, easier, and faster for your house painter to paint with. Thin paint leaves a better finish. Thick paint is harder to work with and does not leave a flatter looking finish like thin paint does. If you consider your house or homes current state and repair needs before painting you should have a better idea now of what type of paint colors are going to help you achieve a better finish.

Another thing to consider is the tools you are using. Even the highest price paint, or the cheapest price paint can leave a horrible looking finish if you don’t use the right tools for painting, the right approaches to painting, and of course the right painter for painting. Always pay premium prices for the paint sleeves you use. You can cheap out on brushes and use cheap brushes to get a high quality finish but the same can not be said for using cheap roller sleeves. Using a cheap roller sleeve is going to end in disaster no matter the type of Calgary Paint you decide to use.

Always buy new sleeves for every coat of paint. The first coat of paint your paint sleeve paints is going to pick up a lot of dust and garbage off the wall even after you’ve sanded it down, and cleaned the surface. Buy an extra high quality paint sleeve or two for every single color you are going to paint your home with and always change out and use a new sleeve for every single coat of paint you paint down. Insist your painting contractor changes up to a new sleeve after every single coat of paint.

One other thing that we see a lot of when home owners decide to do there own home or house painting is buying too much paint from the paint store at once. Most of the time this results in the customer or client buying way too much paint from the paint store. Once the tint or colorant has been added to the paint you can not return the paint to the paint store unless it’s no less then a bad can of paint. It’s always going to be cheaper to call in another color match order to the paint store and drive back to buy the rest of the paint you need when you need it instead of buying too much paint and leaving a couple hundred dollars of extra paint on the floor.

A Gallon of paint can usually go a long way and is usually enough for small to medium sized bedrooms. Most painters and decorators and even the general public can usually get a paint price discount when buying a 5 gallon pail of paint compared to the single gallon can so it may be worth it depending on the size of the house or home to be painted but more often then not it’s not going to save you money. Good painters and decorators can give you an estimate and then limp in and use these techniques to reduce the total cost of paint in the end.

It’s your money, and it’s your house or home. Paying more money for paint does not mean you are going to get a better paint job and it does not mean your house painting project is going to be any easier. That’s why you call a painting contractor like 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting when you want a high quality paint job for the least amount of price. Good painters and decorators can help you pick paint and paint colors that cost you less money up front, and help the painter get your house painted to a brand new or better looking Calgary Paint finish in less time, resulting in you paying less for professional painting labor.