Interior House Painting Rates

Interior House Painting Rates
Interior House Painting Rates

Justin here again from 1/2 Price Pro Calgary Painting. We help our house painting customers and house painting clients save about 50% or so off of the cost of professional house painting and professional residential house repainting services. In this Interior House Painting Rates post we cover the obvious – Interior House Painting Rates. This handy guide should better help first time customers and clients considering hiring a painting contractor save money on interior house painting by giving you a better idea of typical interior house painting rates and what it is you get for those interior house painting rates.

To start with, all painters and house painters are different. Not every single painter, house painter, or decorator has the same house painting experience, the same house painting skills, or knows about various ways to go about interior house painting and decorating using common or typical house painting strategies to get threw your interior house painting project. Not all painters have or use the same house painting tools or the same approaches to house painting, or even the same type of residential interior house painting products or sundries. As a result there are a lot of different ways to paint a house, with a lot of different tools, and with a lot of different house approaches. As a result, just about each and every painter out there, or each and every painting contractor, or even each and every painting company will have different interior house painting rates.


What Determines Interior House Painting Rates?

The very first thing that helps determined typical interior house painting rates is the scope of the house painting work that you want completed. Painting or repainting all of your ceilings, walls, and trim is going to cost you much more in paint and painting labor then say just painting or repainting your house interior walls. Painting your walls and ceilings will cost you less then painting or repainting all of your ceilings, walls, and trim, but will also cost you more than just painting your walls. Likewise, painting your walls and trim will cost you less then painting or repainting your ceiling, walls, and trim, and maybe more or less then just painting your walls and ceilings.

How you want your interior house painting finish completed will also help determined your homes typical interior house painting rates. For the most part, most house painters and decorators can paint or repaint your house or home interiors with a brush, roller, or a spray paint machine. Each brush, roll, and spray finish provides its own type of finish, and also determines what preparation must go into your home to prepare your home to be sprayed or brushed and rolled. While you could paint your entire ceiling with a brush, which would take the longest, you could also paint your ceiling with just a paint roller, which would take less time, or you could spray out your ceiling which would take the least amount of time.

You could expect a painter you’ve hired to brush in your ceiling to only need minimal preparation on the ceiling. After a quick sanding, and putting drop clothes or plastic in place to catch paint drips and splatters, your painter could get right at it with minimal preparation. Pretty much throw down a drop cloth, a quick pole sanding, crack the can, dip the brush, and get painting.That lucky painter is going to be painting your ceiling with a brush just about forever, and you’re likely not going to get a high quality finish without multiple coats of paint. The labor bill is going to be way up there as your painter paints your ceiling the hardest way possible.

The next ceiling painter could simply roll your ceiling completely with a paint roller and call it a day. Rolling a ceiling with a roller is obviously going to be faster than a brush painting finish, will take the painter less time, and likely use much less paint then brushing in a ceiling. However, painting a ceiling with a roller really gets the paint drops flying. Your painter will need more time to put down more drop clothes and cover more furniture to protect from paint drops and paint drips. But he or she will be out the door days sooner then the painter that’s likely still painting your ceiling with a brush hating life.

Next up is spray painting your ceilings. Spray painting your ceilings really gets the paint flying. In less than an hour most ceilings in any sized house can be painted with a coat of paint. You’ll use more paint, but your painting will be completed much sooner, and you’ll typically get a superior painting finish with a spray finish. Your painter is going to spend a day or two putting up masking paper, tape, and plastic to completely cover everything in your home in such a way as to only expose the ceiling. Once the preparation is complete spray painting the ceilings only takes an hour or two. Another hour or two to remove the plastic and clean up afterwards and your painter is complete.

Hopefully you can see now how you want your painting completed effects the price you will pay for painting. Smart and informed consumers hiring a painter for painting should get the painters opinion on what’s the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to get your painting completed. Most painters painting or repainting your house or home want to provide you a premium high quality painting finish with the least amount of effort on the painters part with the least amount or paint and get out of your home and onto the next house painting job. Get your painters opinion when in doubt to get a better idea of what’s the fastest and cheapest way to get your home painted.

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